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Tuvaband, Beverly Moon

Wednesday, February 05, 20:00
£7 + B/f Adv

8.30pm Beverly Moon
9.30pm Tuvaband

Tuvaband releases her second album 'I Entered The Void' 27th of November, and plays at The Lexington as part of her album tour.

However you come across the music of Norway’s Tuvaband, whether live or on record, it makes a mark. The project of Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser, she has a knack for capturing a strange magic in her songs, delicate compositions that range from delicate, piano-led folk to softly-soaring, post-rock that wraps the listener up in its own special atmosphere, held spellbound by the sounds swirling around Hellum Marschhäuser’s captivating, feather-light vocal. 2018 saw Tuva release her debut album Soft Drop, critically-acclaimed back home in Norway and internationally, and just over a year later, the follow-up is on the way.

Tuvaband’s new album is called I Entered The Void, and marks a change in sound, mirrored by changes in Tuva’s personal life (a move to Berlin) that fuel its lyrics and themes. It’s a step away from deliberate minimalism of Soft Drop and her earlier music, swapped out for a heavier, more full sound, recorded with a live band to add the weight and muscle Tuva wanted in her new material.

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