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Bonnacons of Doom, Obey Cobra

Friday, April 19, 19:30
adv £15

The Liverpool-based semi-mysterious collective Bonnacons of Doom's origins lay in experimental theatrical performances before evolving into ritualistic psych rock- and drone-influenced recorded material. Following a slow but steady development, the group, which includes members of Mugstar, Forest Swords, Jarvis Cocker's band, and Youthmovies, released their self-titled debut album in 2018. Founded in 2013, the collective was conceived with a view to performing a series of one-off shows. Their initial performance took place in a public square outside the Foundation for Art and Technology in Liverpool, and featured guitar feedback and looped radio transmissions. A series of experimental performances followed, from playing with a Cathedral choir to virtual reality installations. Featuring a core membership that included Jason Stoll (Mugstar) and vocalist Kate Smith, and a shifting set of surreptitious collaborators, the group performed in black robes and metallic masks, thus keeping many of their members' identities secret. The motivation for the mystery came from some of the members' AV experience and the desire to represent a collective identity.

After Smith joined in 2015 the band were inspired to venture into recording, and in 2016 they released a couple of 7" singles via Stoll's own experimental label God Unknown. They later headed to MJ Hookworms' Suburban Home Studio to work on their debut full-length. Upon completion, Bonnacons of Doom sent it to just one label, Rocket Recordings. The shamanistic vocals and psychedelic soundscapes the band conjured complemented labelmates Gnod and Goat, and the label duly released the album in 2018.

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