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Arxx, Cosmorat, Dellaxoz

Thursday, December 07, 19:00
adv £11.25

7.45pm DellaXOZ

8.30pm Cosmorat

9.15pm ARXX

Cosmorat - Cosmorat is the brainchild of Taylor Pollock and Olly Liu. They met in college where they shared a love of Alabama Shakes, blues music, and sonic textures. Since moving to London, Taylor and Olly have also picked up Lorenzo Burgio to the line up, completing the band with breakbeats, samples, and bombastic drums.

Dealing with the mundanity and trauma that comes with late stage capitalism, Cosmorat uses their music to explore what it means to be evil, and if people consider their opinions and actions or if it is more grey. With fuzzy guitars, vocal soundscapes, and intricately composed drum and percussion parts, they conjure emotional responses with densely packed lyrics to create sonic movies.

Growing up on the outskirts of Manchester, Daniella feels that he city’s strong indie rock legacy has had an “inevitable” impact. On her. Equally significant was the music of her Congolese heritage-with its upbeat rhythms, driving bass and intricate electric guitar riffs a constant presence in her childhood. It’s in this intersection between the genres where Daniella grounds her sonic identity. At age 13, armed with a cheap mic and free software from the internet, Daniella. Wrote and produced her first song. With her formative teenage years navigated during a global pandemic, it’s little wonder that Daniella sets classic coming-of-age concerns to the backdrop of wider social issues and commentary, having described her ethos as DellaXOZ “to capture the fleeting emotions and multi– dimensionality of the teenage experience.” For DellaXOZ, this naturally extends to world issues-and she rejects the narrative of apathy and distraction misassigned to her generation, galvanised by bands like Bikini Kill and La Tigre have to write her own“ rage-y, riot girl feminist songs. ”It’s exactly this kind of boldness, conviction and bright and wilful alt-pop experimentation which will continue to see DellXOZ pickup new heroes, with plenty more to come.

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