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Night 1 - The Reds, Pinks And Purples, Jam Money

Wednesday, June 12, 19:30
adv £15.40 / sold out

THE REDS, PINKS & PURPLES is the post-indie project of Glenn Donaldson from San Francisco who releases songs like monthly postcards to a loyal following, amassing a huge catalogue of cathartic guitar pop – releasing 8 LPs over the last 5 years (on Tough Love, Slumberland). Donaldson’s hazy, melodic DIY pop captures a cinematic mood, with Donaldson referring to films like “Summer of ’42” and the influence of the classic 4AD catalogue of the 1990s. This style informs much of Donaldson’s prior and current ventures of course (The Ivytree, Vacant Gardens, and a dozen projects in between) but now The Reds, Pinks & Purples have taken the mantle, embracing this instinct for instrumental or dreamier modes of pop songwriting. The band debuts in the UK in June 2024 as a five-piece made-up of musicians from SF's thriving indie-pop underground.

JAM MONEY are the house band of London label and ongoing tape exhibition Spillage Fete. Created in question and answer form between Mat Fowler and Kevin Cormack, their songs exist like little sculptures - wayward and peaceful, sometimes whirring into automatic life under the pair's combined attention. With a keen interplay between sound and visual art, their debut LP Blowing Stones was accompanied by, and created alongside, a series of minimalist paintings by the artist Aimée Henderson. Jam Money revolves around a passion for the simple and sometimes restrictive nature of four-track cassette recording. Using old half-broken guitars, clarinets, charity shop keyboards, toys, family heirlooms, zithers, home-made percussion, and household objects a shared dialogue appears, involving both mark making and musical mishaps, allowing the makers to be carried along as the music finds its own way.

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