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The Homesick, Findom + Home Secretary

Thursday, February 22, 19:30
adv £10 plus booking fee

8.15pm Home Secretary
9pm Findom
9.50pm The Homesick

THE HOMESICK are Elias Elgersma (Vocals, Effects), Jaap van der Velde (Vocals, Effects) and Erik Woudwijk (Drums). The Homesick fuse post-punk rhythms with melodic whimsical pop into an experimental blend of great songs. The Dutch group have been around since their first EP Television from 2013 and released their debut album Youth Hunt (Subroutine) in 2017. Hailing from the backwater Frisian municipality of Dokkum, the band enjoy exploring the extremes of their music. Their albums play with this ambiguity as they incorporate dark post-punk alongside sure-fire pop earworms. Their second album The Big Exercise (SubPop) from 2020 inverted this sound, second-guessing their core chemistry as a live unit. Where the debut album incorporates vocals drenched in reverb, warped synths and distorted guitars, the Big Excercise leaves a hint of romanticism through the baroque elements such as piano, acoustic guitar, percussion and clarinet. Shortly after the release of The Big Exercise they individually started to explore new musical directions. Guitar and bass were dropped as Elias and Jaap searched for other sounds playing keys, sample boxes and more new rhythmic instruments. “We wanted to come up with something that we can dance to”, Jaap says. “After these last two years we very much felt like this is what we need now.” The new songs are unmistakably The Homesick and at the same time like you've never heard them before. The third and self-titled album by The Homesick will be released now.

FINDOM know a thing about Britain’s death drive. They know that morbid fascinations of bad faith, morose binds and slow crawls have led us here. Their debut tape (on Gob Nation) confronts the conceit of class deterioration, clashing together energies of No Wave, Jazz, Dub and Goth into a work that, through part satire and part protest, has the hooks to fight back. We are left with five tracks self-described as anti-jazz with an overarching structure that feels like a Killing Joke inspired noir thriller, where moments of dark aggression are sonically punctuated by open stretches of rhythmic disorientation.

HOME SECRETARY are a duo from South London, creating rickety and occasionally rhythmic non-songs that combine spoken word with improvised instrumentation. Expect to hear crude sound collage, fumbled instruments, and vocals whispered and proclaimed.

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