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Pump It Up 2022! - Day One - The Yum Yums, Radio Days, The Speedways,

Saturday, July 02, 16:30
adv earlybird weekend tickets £27.50

THE YUM YUMS- bubblegum fuelled power-pop from Norway

Well, TYY imagine a world where rock n roll is happy, harmony filled, where Covid-19 never happened, and where everyone in the world is as smiley as my little toddler niece. And ok, no one really believes rock n roll really can make you forget your troubles, but good God, this has a damn good go!

Save yourself the time. Listen to the first song “For Those About To Pop” and see if you like it. It’s tempting to say that if you don’t, you have a waxy pea-shaped hole where others have a heart, but if you ever thought “wouldn’t it be brilliant if Redd Kross jammed with The Knack” and chucked a LOAD of harmony on top?” then this, my friends, is the band for you.

Rating 10/10 - 'Maximum Volume'

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