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The Birthday Massacre, Witch Of The Vale Halloween 2022

Monday, October 31, 19:00
adv £24.75

“The night is short. It weighs heavy, but the light always awaits us,” begins the darkly poetic tagline from vocalist Chibi about ‘Diamonds’, the eighth album by The Birthday Massacre.
In these current troubling times that have forced the Canadian post-punk goth act to postpone a North American tour that had been due to commence on its release date, we can only look forward to brighter days ahead.

The tour will be the first opportunity for UK based fans to see new bassist Brett Carruthers perform with the group. Carruthers is also the frontman of fellow Toronto-based act A Primitive Evolution, who released an excellent album of industrial tinged rock entitled ‘Becoming’ on Metropolis Records in 2018 and will remain an ongoing concern.
The rest of The Birthday Massacre say: “Welcome to the fold! Joining us on bass guitar is our long time friend Brett. After ten amazing years, we’re sadly parting ways with Nate Manor. He is starting a new chapter in his life and we wish him all the best. You always were and always will be a true friend for life and we will miss you.”

‘Diamonds’ is released on 27th March and has been preceded by the single ‘The Last Goodbye’. Typical of the band’s trademark sound, it explores the lower octaves with minor chords and midnight dance beats, but always with a shining beacon of hope and light within.

An exciting series of dark and light moments that is a trademark of the band’s music, ‘Diamonds’ explores themes ranging from heartbreak to anguish and from lust to love. From the epic and majestic opener ‘Enter’, with its pounding bassline and soaring guitar textures, to the chugging guitars of ‘Run’, the propulsive beats of ‘Mirrors’, right through to the contemplative and highly atmospheric album closing ‘Parallel World’, ‘Diamonds’ is a consistently cohesive album that highlights the instrumental and vocal prowess of the band.
Set apart from their post-punk contemporaries by their distinctive soaring synths and guitars that are paired with Chibi’s beautiful familiar and reassuring vocals, The Birthday Massacre have mastered the art of balance. Exploring the darker register of music and songwriting, their songs beg to peek into the depths and look inside, while at the same time offering hope and joy…and, with their pounding beats and rhythms, an invitation to dance.

Chibi – vocals
Rainbow – guitars, programming, vocals
Falcore – lead guitar
Phil – drums
Owen – keyboards
Brett Carruthers – bass

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