March 2019 @ The Lexington


The soundtrack to ride the heatwave straight to hell is here….

Buke & Gase

Tuesday 5th March

Buke and Gase make pop music in the most insane way possible‚ through long periods of ecstatic collaboration executed with a kind of monastic discipline. They are a band that wears genre tags lightly: Soon after releasing their EP length demo +/-, they became an “indie rock” obsession shared by The National & beloved cult podcast Radiolab. Their debut album Riposte found them categorized as “steampunk art-folk”; they excelled at this, and became a favorite of NPR Music and were invited to perform on their Tiny Desk Concert series. Their second album General Dome appealed equally to metal, math rock & avant garde music fans, and spawned their closest thing to a hit thus-far: “Houdini Crush,” which opens with a massive guitar riff and blooms into frenetic round. It was behind this record that the band first toured the world, performing alongside & often serving as hand-picked support to a who’s who of music icons: Laurie Anderson & Lou Reed, Shellac, Battles, Reggie Watts, Swans, Deerhoof, Owen Pallett & Mike Patton’s metal supergroup Tomahawk among others.


Calva Louise

Thursday 7th March

+ Feet + Fuzzy Sun

London trio Jess, Alizon and Ben fuse surfy riffs to fuzzy grunge pop as headliners for this BBC Introducing show.



+ Porridge Radio + Corinthians

Friday 8th March

SASAMI (Sasami Ashworth) has been making music in the Los Angeles area, in almost every way you can, for the last decade. From playing French horn in orchestras and studios and playing keys, bass, and guitar in local rock bands (Dirt Dress, Cherry Glazerr), to contributing vocals/string/horn arrangements to studio albums (Vagabon, Curtis Harding, Wild Nothing, Hand Habits, etc.) and producing on tracks for other respected artists (Soko), she has gained a reputation as an all-around musical badass.


The Dead Brothers

Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band

Sunday 10th March

The Dead Brother’s roots fetch far in musical history. They have been digging their grave for the past 20 years. Punk rock and country blues are part of their DNA. So are the stage antics of Cab Calloway, Kurt Weill’s Three penny opera and the european folklore instrumental excellency. Some members have been renovating the swiss folkloric scene for ages (Landstrichmusig, Patent Ochsner, Echo, d’Giigemaa), others have a foot in theater, comedy, cinema and Vaudeville (Stadt Theater Hannover, les Trois Suisses, 9 Volt Nelly) some are orchestra directors and some italo crooners, before all that Dead Alain played 17 years with the punk’n’roll band Les Maniacs in Geneva: all find a home for their saudade in the Dead Brothers music. They opened this Pandora’s box of melting pot blues, psycho swing and acous tic rage in 1998. Today, their sound is everywhere: inevery car ad and in every television serie. Nonetheless the Dead Brothers, and sisters, still believe in the lost world they are dreaming of.


Plastic Mermaids

Wednesday 13th March

Unlike a large percentage of bands usually written about under this writers name, Plastic Mermaids could, by the time they get old and grey, get to headline a big festival under even more flashing lights than we have here tonight or turn up at the Royal Festival Hall with a huge Orchestra one evening. If this happens then night’s such as tonight will be imagined by those in attendance as something that maybe wouldn’t have been as superior as the evening they’re spending sat in comfy chairs hugging the colour supplement that was purchased as they walked through the entrance door. That can be debated at the time if such thing ever happens.


You Tell Me

Thursday 14th March

You Tell Me is the new musical venture from Sarah Hayes and Peter Brewis. They met performing together at a celebration of Kate Bush’s music, and have since then been writing and recording new songs between Glasgow and Sunderland.


Heavy Highness

Saturday 16th March

Heavy Highness are BACK to perform at one of London’s favourite venues after the release of their debut album – featuring an opening set from Couling Towers


Damo Suzuki

+ Alice Hubble

Sunday 17th March

A genuinely unique talent, Damo Suzuki found fame after krautrock legends CAN found him busking in the streets of 70s Cologne. Immediately drafting him in to replace Malcolm Mooney, the band, oft-considered one of the single greatest outfits in western musical history went on to record a plethora of seminal LPs, including TAGO MAGO and EGE BAMYASI.

Damo Suzuki’s never-ending tour here stops off at The Lexington, where he will perform with an assembly of hand-picked local musicians. Suzuki’s synthetic language creates an absolutely astonishing performance, his voice remains a beautiful philosopher’s stone, the alchemical jigsaw piece of the krautrock puzzle.

The Eskimo Chain will play as Damo’s backing band.


The Heavy

Tuesday 19th March

West Country Rock & Soul quartet The Heavy are back with their fifth album,‘Sons’. Taking the band’s blazing, urgent and infectious sound, and flits between blues-heavy rock, run through with Mayfield-esque vocals to James Brown style funk and soul and takes it to dizzying new heights.



+ Katie Ellen

Wednesday 20th March

With the looming release of ‘Dipping Out’ out via Specialist Subject, Woahnows return to the Lexington to show off some new snappy material they’ve been busy working on. With an exultant smile, the Plymouth-trios vibrant pop hooks recall the cleverness of The Sidekicks or the late Sundials. Don’t you be missing out now.


Ja Ja Ja Nordic Music Showcase

Ida Kudo + Vera Hotsauce +Color Dolor

Thursday 21st March

We’ve got 3 stellar artists lined up for you to come and discover : IDA KUDO will be joining us from Denmark, fresh from releasing her brilliant latest EP Gold, while hotly tipped Swedish newcomer Vera Hotsauce will be airing tracks from her newly released EP happy/bad. And hot on the heels of a Teosto prize nomination for their latest album Love, Color Dolor will be joining us from Helsinki!


Mammoth Weed Bastard

Friday 22nd March

3 ape descendants and an astral seraphim combining their powers to generate colossal interstellar arias of plutonium weight. We are the ideal soundtrack to your next intergalactic voyage or black hole exploration. Druid Doom Riff Technologies v1.6.


Emily Wells

Saturday 23rd March

“Quietly transfixing” composer / producer Emily Wells is known for her varied use of classical and modern instrumentation, deft approach to live sampling, and “dramatic, meticulous and gothic songs” (New York Times) that blend “traditionalism with electronic ambiance” (NPR). On stage Wells’ builds a “new instrument” out of acoustic and electronic drums, synth, violin, and her evocative solo performances leave audiences equal parts dancing and grieving.

“Quietly Transfixing… Ms. Wells works in the manner of what Walt Whitman called “a noiseless, patient spider” sending out filament after filament until a structure begins to form” – The New York Times

“The shape-shifting virtuoso ignores genre boundaries while conjuring a uniquely affecting session of atmospheric folk…” – Red Bull Music Academy


The Hare and the Hoof

Sunday 24th March

Come, celebrate with us as we launch our debut album, The Hare and Hoofe! We are so excited about the release of this double-vinyl monster that we’re having a party. The Hoofe will be playing a very special, one-off set. There will be an ace support band. And superstar guest DJs!

Some describe them as ‘educational psych’, others prefer ‘polytechnic beat’, still more as ‘a seventies garage band’. There’s certainly primeval drums, fuzz bass, lashings of guitar and synth noises from another planet.



Wednesday 27th March

Sometimes a short sharp shock is all that’s required to get the adrenalin flowing. Which is just as well because post punk collective Fews have an abundance of them at their disposal. Hailing from all corners of the globe – Sweden, America and new bassist Jay Clifton from the UK – this Malmo based foursome have set pulses racing since second single ‘The Zoo’ arrived unsuspectingly in the latter part of 2015.


Blue House

Pozi + Mermaid Chunky

Friday 29th March

James Howard and Ursula Russell, formerly of bands Fiction and Drop Out Venus, have come together for Blue House, a band full of 90s nostalgia.


Whispering Sons

Ice Baths

Saturday 30th March

Belgian post-punk breathing dark and atmospheric sounds.



Sunday 31st March

Pioneers of alt hip-hop, Dälek (pronounced “die-a-lek”) features Rapper/Producer MC Dälek, Producer/Live Electronics Mike Manteca, and Turntabilist DJ rEk . With roots in the mid-90’s DIY scene, Dälek has been delivering ground breaking albums for over 20 years. They have encapsulated fans and critics across all genres, garnering fans and accolades from the Hip-Hop, Electronic, Indie, Metal, Shoegaze, Jazz and experimental communities.