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Ezekiel Doo, Middex, Adulkt Life, Oldboy

Wednesday, November 27, 19:30
adv £4.40

8pm Oldboy
8.45pm Adulkt Life
9:30pm MIDDEX
10:15pm Ezekiel Doo

//Ezekiel Doo//

"Lo-fi Slowcore connoisseurs and pioneers of ritualised sleaze", Brighton outfit Ezekiel Doo launch their brand new 7" 'Hallway Song' at The Lexington.

"Channeling a variety of apparent influences – from early Dinosaur Jr and The Replacements, through Washington, D.C. hardcore to Louisville, K.Y. post-rock – the record’s eponymous composition exudes ethereal atmospheres of painful introspection prompted by a sense of inadequacy and alienation." Tracks & Frames



MIDDEX is crude electronics and stark echoed vocal narratives.

City music.

With two 7” releases and an LP “No Home” (on the Polytechnic Youth label) all long since sold out a cassette EP release is due in October 2019 (The Tapeworm) and a new album due in 2020.

//Adulkt Life//
k.o,d and arisen ! –too bruised for that good kissing “!
Adulkt life are too old- and too young, but full of love ,blood ,disappointment and rage !
Post-invasion !-we still got to fight –but also get to bed on time (and worry about what to eat )
Scrappy ,last gasp/ post hardcore with blurry gravity and kill rock star tattoos that “ouch” to rub !
They grew up ,or haven’t!?- just one more fight and nonsensical romance left in em !
Who’d be in a band at this point in 21st century politics /( over 100 years old )/it’s not even a question for these lifers and babies ,come and shake w/disbelief !x

Adulkt Life is Chris (ex-Huggy Bear), John (ex-Male Bonding) and Sonny.

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The Lexington is an 18+ venue - please bring ID!
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