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Fat Night, Quiet Man

Tuesday, July 09, 20:00
adv £10

8.45pm Quiet Man
9.45pm Fat Night

Fat Night visits London for the first time with support from Quiet Man!

Fat Night

Gabe, Dan, Nik, and Ted have been tight-knit friends since their middle and high school days in Orlando, Florida. After years of playing with each other in various bands, their shared love of funk and soul music led the four to start jamming together in Nik’s woodsy backyard shed. Their shared love of greasy food kept them hanging out late into the night.

In 2013, Ohio-based soul label Colemine Records released Fat Night’s "Things You Do," a reverb-soaked single which Dusty Groove called "haunting, moody, and very compelling!" The same year, the band released their first full length, "Fat Night," followed by a six-song EP "Lazy Days" in 2015 featuring the surprise hit Sun Go Down. Fat Night moved to Chicago in late 2016 before releasing their single Honest Man in early 2017. In December 2018 they released Question, the first single off of their upcoming full-length album. They will be appearing at North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam on July 13, 2019.

Quiet Man

Born in West London in 1991 to a family of musicians and classically trained from a young age, Quiet Man has been shaped by a technicolour spread of musical influences. Preferring the shadows to the spotlight, he has spent the last few years quietly dreaming up sounds and honing his craft, learning what he can from the experiences of life and the talented circle of musicians around him. He is now emerging with his debut EP, the self-titled "Quiet Man." A collaboration with acclaimed producer Courage whose musical identity and production style have merged with Quiet Man’s own to create a symbiosis of jazz-drenched grooviness - this EP speaks to the heart and the hips in equal measure.

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