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Ugly, Hum Fuzz, Soft Girls And Boys Club

Friday, June 07, 20:00
adv £3

8.30pm Soft Girls and Boys Club 9.15pm Hum Fuzz
10pm Ugly

If you happen to like your guitar bands with a touch of jangly doom rock then set your ears on the latest EP from Cambridge four piece, Ugly. EP, ‘Sunday School’, a two track treat full of moody surf rock, hypnotic bass lines and playful irreverence. Opener, ‘The Last Supper At The Regal Wetherspoon’ exposes the groups nuanced approach to songwriting. The eerie opener with its chugging guitar lines and paranoid bass – reminiscent of early Fall tracks – smoothly transitions into the sumptuous yet sunny chorus complete with spoken southern vocals.

‘Redemption – on The Road Damascus’ is laden with infectious, country infused guitar work that you can’t help but shake your hips to. It counts an equally memorable chorus as ‘The Last supper’, where during its last go-around the boys are even able to incorporate a trumpet rather adroitly. But amongst the feel-good-sunny-euphoria are those truly special moments, where the quartet via paranoid guitar lines and determined drums, lead the listener through a menacing jam of frenzied garage rock.

If you like your chirpy choruses with a touch of seedy blues then make sure to catch Ugly

One things for sure, you’re going to want to say you saw them first. - SO YOUNG MAGAZINE

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