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Emily Wells + Polygrains

Saturday, March 23, 20:00
£10+B/F Adv

21:15 - Emily Wells
20:15 - Polygrains

Emily Wells comes to play for us!

“Quietly transfixing” composer / producer Emily Wells is known for her varied use of classical and modern instrumentation, deft approach to live sampling, and “dramatic, meticulous and gothic songs” (New York Times) that blend “traditionalism with electronic ambiance” (NPR). On stage Wells’ builds a “new instrument” out of acoustic and electronic drums, synth, violin, and her evocative solo performances leave audiences equal parts dancing and grieving.

"Quietly Transfixing... Ms. Wells works in the manner of what Walt Whitman called "a noiseless, patient spider" sending out filament after filament until a structure begins to form" - The New York Times

"The shape-shifting virtuoso ignores genre boundaries while conjuring a uniquely affecting session of atmospheric folk..." - Red Bull Music Academy

Support from Polygrains

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The Lexington is an 18+ venue - please bring ID!
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