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The Burning Hell, Abi Wade, Laila Arad, JF Robitaille

Wednesday, August 01, 20:00
adv £12

"The wordy songsmith behind Canadian quintet The Burning Hell, Mathias Kom has a dry wit and sharp eye that elevate indie-rock tunes into offbeat storytelling treats." Uncut Magazine

"Not many albums open with the line 'You were a Nazi hunter...'. It's just one notable way in which The Burning Hell's sixth LP (but first the the UK) proclaims its lone wolf intentions. The band is mostly the product of songwriter Mathias Kom, a mischevious, caustic people's poet with a world view that lets you know the good guys occasionally win. Kom sings what he sees, from truculent kids and their smugly indulgent parents to corrupt corporate greed, to some things he doesn't: Norse gods and the futility of cults. His half-spoken baritone will appeal to fans of punk vet Jonathan Richman, the music to those of pioneering alt-rockers They Might Be Giants. If that sounds a little too college-rock clever, rest assured that Kom's music falls on the right side of the indie rails, knowing but always careful to let the listener in on the joke." Q Magazine, February '14

"Lyrics are the thing for Newfoundland-based songwriter Mathias Kom. His sixth album houses some extraordinary stories...the austere 'Travel Writers' bears comparison with Bill Callahan, and the words of 'Grown Ups' are a lesson in wit and nuance." Uncut, March '14

"Even Jesus is going to enjoy this once he finally gets here." Tom Robinson, BBC Introducing

Abi Wade - 8.30pm to 9pm

Lail Arad & JF Robitaille - 9.15pm to 9.45pm

Burning Hell - 10pm to 11pm

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The Lexington is an 18+ venue - please bring ID!
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