Kona Brewing Company: BIG WAVE ON DRAFT!


In one of the most exciting days in the history of the British public house and perhaps the history of awesome things¬†we can finally announce that the raddest beer to ever be beered is on tap and we are one of only a handful of bars to have it! And we’ve got a whopping twenty barrels of the stuff, which is literally hundreds and hundreds of American gallons.

Kona Brewing Company’s legendary Big Wave has been a staple of our fridges for some time now, with those blue tinted bottles of light golden ale providing a constant source of sunshine vibes no matter how miserable it got out on Pentonville Road. Its award-winning tropical hop aroma was designed to be an easy drink after a day out on the surf but for me it’s a reminder of summer holidays and Um Bongos, with more of a kick and delicious beeriness. A perfect pairing with our refreshing watermelon and haloumi salad.

Throw a couple of the Castaway IPAs or Fire Rock Pale Ales into the mix and we’ve got a party on our hands.

We’d like to remind you to enjoy our beers responsibly, don’t drink before heading out on the waves.