RIP summer, you looked so strong and mighty in June and showed flashes of what could have been over the bank holiday weekend but overall the weather sucked and it’s good that Autumn is finally here. No doubt it’ll be boiling hot for the whole of September just to fuck with us a bit more. […]


This Friday is a momentous day for the Lexington, we will be the first bar in London to carry PBR on draft. Across the pond Pabst Blue Ribbon is a legendary American beer, it is loved (Dennis Hopper and Clint Eastwood) and loathed (craft beer snobs zzz) in equal measure.

July 2017 @ The Lexington

It’s quality not quantity this July at The Lexington, we’ve only got a handful of shows to shout about but they’re all well worth the trip upstairs to our cool, air-conditioned land of music. Plus, get down early to a gig and enjoy some of our summer drinks deals!

Election Night (Again) @ The Lexington

We were promised there wouldn’t be a snap election, we were promised stability, we were promised LEADERSHIP, we were promised no more election night parties for FIVE MORE YEARS. But it was all a lie and we should have known better than to trust a Tory.  Admittedly we’ve had really bad luck in the last […]