How is it already August? Pretty sure the whole of July was just one massive FIFA shaped blur, we’ll be telling you about Xmas next at this rate! Nevertheless, summer isn’t over yet and we’ve got a bunch of great gigs coming up this month to help you while away those warm evenings…

The Burning Hell

+ Abi Wade + Laila Arad + JF Robitaille

Wednesday 1st August

“The wordy songsmith behind Canadian quintet The Burning Hell, Mathias Kom has a dry wit and sharp eye that elevate indie-rock tunes into offbeat storytelling treats.” Uncut Magazine

“Not many albums open with the line ‘You were a Nazi hunter…’. It’s just one notable way in which The Burning Hell’s sixth LP (but first the the UK) proclaims its lone wolf intentions. The band is mostly the product of songwriter Mathias Kom, a mischevious, caustic people’s poet with a world view that lets you know the good guys occasionally win. Kom sings what he sees, from truculent kids and their smugly indulgent parents to corrupt corporate greed, to some things he doesn’t: Norse gods and the futility of cults. His half-spoken baritone will appeal to fans of punk vet Jonathan Richman, the music to those of pioneering alt-rockers They Might Be Giants. If that sounds a little too college-rock clever, rest assured that Kom’s music falls on the right side of the indie rails, knowing but always careful to let the listener in on the joke.” Q Magazine, February ’14

“Lyrics are the thing for Newfoundland-based songwriter Mathias Kom. His sixth album houses some extraordinary stories…the austere ‘Travel Writers’ bears comparison with Bill Callahan, and the words of ‘Grown Ups’ are a lesson in wit and nuance.” Uncut, March ’14

“Even Jesus is going to enjoy this once he finally gets here.” Tom Robinson, BBC Introducing


BBC Introducing

Sorry + Alaskalaska + Grand Pax

Thursday 2nd August

And the music is good; it’s really, really good. Pairing lo-fi, downer-pop riffs and abrasive electronics with melodies that are both romantic and eerie, they could have been plucked from Olympia in the 90s. But they also sound like being young and in London. Listening to them feels like smoking weed in your flat while it splatters with rain outside, or like watching the bleak, gum-tacked pavements from the top of a double decker while ruminating on a relationship, or going to Spoons at 3PM on Sunday because there’s shit-all else to do. Their official debut single on Domino, “Lies”, which we’re premiering below, is so understated and charged with feeling that it makes you want to crawl inside it just to get closer. – VICE


The Lemon Twigs

Tuesday/Wednesday 14/15th August


Nova Twins

+ Shitstick + I, Doris

Saturday 18th August

t’s the LOUD WOMEN SUMMER PARTY at the Lexington and it’s a gonna be a scorcher! Coming to the hula:

“Formula One basslines, Rage Against The Machine aggrandisement makes for a hefty urban punk sniper bullet to the forehead.”

Revolutionary punks, “Capturing the city scape of corrupt governments and a dismantling welfare state”

I, Doris
“Are you dinnerladies on a hen night?”

If that’s not enough for you …

We are teaming up with The Lexington’s 80s club night, Age of Consent, on the night and after live acts our very own Loud Women DJ’s will be taking over the wheels of steel to bring you female fronted classics which will most definitely keep you grooving into the wee hours. Gig goers gain FREE ENTRY so dust off yo 80’s clobber, Roberta de Niro is waiting!!


The Joy Formidable

Wednesday 22nd August

Tickets: Sold Out

Treetop Flyers

Thursday 23rd August

Londoners, Treetop Flyers, return with their eponymous third album, continuing where they left off with their excellent 2016 release ‘Palamino’.  The decision to make this record self-titled is more than apt, as it is the most confident that Treetop Flyers have sounded in themselves yet, largely following a formula of dreamy, mellow 60s-style melodies interspersed with dashings of psychedelia.


Caleb Hawley

Saturday 25th August

Caleb Hawley is an American pop/R&B performing artist hailing from Harlem in New York City. Blending organic instrumentation with electronically produced beats, he has drawn comparisons to current groups like The 1975 and Francis and the Lights, while also reminiscent of the Minneapolis sound of the 80’s, made famous by Prince.

He is a charismatic performer, often belting out his high soaring melodies from the audience as much as the stage. His latest album “Love, Drugs, & Decisions” displays themes of substance abuse, relationship issues, and a hard fought battle toward redemption..


Tiny Ruins

Wednesday 29th August

The musical ensemble bringing the beats all of the way from New Zealand, Tiny Ruins, are ready to ruin The Lexington with their sultry, indie-folk.